Since the beginning, Every Mother’s Advocate (ĒMA) has been passionately pursuing the vision to invest in the dignity, agency, and strength of every mother in crisis and empower families to stay together. Since we set out on that journey over 10 years ago, we’ve had the honor of being a bridge of support for over 6,500 mothers and children during their darkest hours. We have seen how building meaningful relationships and advocating for the most vulnerable families can not only transform their present circumstances — but also transform their future and their children’s future, too. We have seen mothers who were once overwhelmed and hopeless find confidence, joy, and resilience to create a legacy of stability and wholeness for their families. And yet, there is still a clear need to continue in this challenging work. It demands unwavering dedication, persistence, and a deep commitment to keep pressing on.

As we look back on this past year, we’re incredibly honored by the impact we’ve made together. It’s because of partners like you that we’re inspired to keep going. Join us as we turn the page and journey into a new year — with greater impact and more milestones to celebrate. It means being there for more moms when they need it most, even when the odds seem stacked against them. It’s about building intentional relationships and creating a safety net for every mother in our care and the families we serve. Your partnership in this beautiful redemptive work allows us to keep advocating for every mom in crisis. Together, we can help end the preventable causes of family separation in our lifetime.


Charlee Tchividjian Founder and CEO
Every Mother’s Advocate

Redemptive Mother Advocacy

Redemptive advocacy is relational

We are others-centered, and oriented towards building and maintaining meaningful relationships with those we serve. We foster healthy connections and create safe places for trust and vulnerability. We believe that mothers in crisis are not problems to be solved, but instead people to be loved — resisting the urge to fix but instead purposing to be present.

Redemptive advocacy is Dignifying

We treat those we serve as equals with the utmost honor and highest esteem, believing deeply in the inherent value of every person. We affirm their agency and worth — refraining from seeing ourselves as the savior in their story. We give others a voice with our swiftness to listen empathetically.

Redemptive advocacy is Generous

We are giving and selfless with our time, expertise, and influence. We sacrifice our comfort to take meaningful risks and sit in the trenches with others. We don’t seek to gain from our giving, but instead surrender our expectations and take responsibility for the brokenness in our cities.

Measurable Impact

2023 REACH

  • 2 Million Raised
  • 2,002 Mothers and Children Impacted
  • 245 Volunteers
  • 10 Affiliate Partners

Program Outcomes

  • 95%

    of at-risk families were empowered to stay together

  • 872

    children prevented from possible family disruption or foster care placement

  • 93%

    of mothers decreased in their depressive symptoms

  • 34 Million

    in estimated economic
    tax-payer savings

  • 77%

    of mothers strengthened their
    social support structures

  • 67%

    of mothers increased their ability to fulfill their basic needs

  • 64%

    of mothers went from high-to
    low-risk parenting practices

  • 63%

    of mothers decreased in
    their parental stress

Jail Pilot Program

In February 2023, ĒMA launched its first pilot program for incarcerated pregnant moms at a local jail. In partnership with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, we served over 40 moms with the goal of empowering every woman everywhere through support, encouragement, and practical resources.

Colonel Josefa Benjamin, the Executive Director of the Department of Detention & Community Programs at Broward County Sheriff’s Office, praised the program’s significant impact. She highlighted how the Ema program fundamentally enhanced the care provided to pregnant inmates, describing the partnership as a monumental step forward for the jail system. This partnership signifies a progressive shift towards a more compassionate and specialized care framework, setting a precedent for other institutions aiming to improve conditions for pregnant incarcerated women.

Empowered Parenting Curriculum

Last year, four of ĒMA’s Affiliate Partners piloted its first trauma-informed parenting curriculum with 16 moms authored by Lindy Green Johnson, MSW, LCSW. The six-month, group program cultivated a safe learning environment for moms to grow together in self-awareness, confidence, and gain the tools to raise their kids in a safe and stable family. The goal of the curriculum is for mothers to significantly enhance their capacity for self-awareness, enabling them to address their personal challenges more effectively.

We believe this empowerment enables them to fulfill their own needs while simultaneously enhancing their capability to meet their child’s physical, emotional, and relational needs. As mothers increase these skills, they also increase their long-term ability to care for their children as new challenges arise.

National Partnerships

Model Replication Through Partnership

Over the past three years, Ema embraced an affiliate growth strategy to amplify our impact redemptively, collectively, and measurably.

Our model begins with a focus on research and development, ensuring that every aspect of our programming is grounded in outcome-based practices. We initiate beta-testing of our programs at our local chapter, allowing us to refine and adapt our methods in a controlled environment. This iterative process ensures that when programs are ready, they’re rolled out to our affiliate network equipped with the necessary adjustments for national implementation.

Central to our mission is a dynamic, collaborative network where affiliates, aligned in values and vision, exchange knowledge, strategies, and impact.

2023 Affiliate Partners
  1. Hope Women’s Center | Phoenix, AZ
  2. AZ1.27 | Phoenix, AZ
  3. Villages of Hope | Palm Beach, FL
  4. Safe Families for Children | Miami, FL
  5. CityLink Center | Cincinnati, OH
  6. Women’s Clinic of Atlanta | Atlanta, GA
  7. Avail NYC | New York, NY
  8. Claris Health | Los Angeles, CA
  9. Bravely Women's Health | Lafayette, IN
  10. WAYS for Life | Melbourne, FL

Growing Nationally

Our desire is that ĒMA continues to expand nationally through strategic partnerships to ensure that advocacy is made accessible to every mother in crisis, everywhere.

Targeting communities with high poverty and child welfare engagement volumes, ĒMA strategically partners with organizations that align with and affirm its core values. Last year, ĒMA hosted eight Affiliate workshops to equip, educate, and encourage 10 Affiliate Partners as they support the mission to eradicate the preventable causes of family separation through mother advocacy. Central to our mission is a dynamic, collaborative network where affiliates, aligned in values and vision, exchange knowledge, strategies, and impact.

Subject matter experts shared their expertise and experience to educate the teams on topics such as the cyclical effects of a father’s absence, empathetic listening, how to plan successful events/fundraising, and so much more. We’re so thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow as a team, and we can’t wait to see what is in store this year!

2023 Financials

  • Programs: $1,139,589
  • fundraising: $189,130
  • Management & Support: $109,707
  • Total Expenses: $1,438,427
“You have made us feel known.”

I found ĒMA through my sister. We’re both single moms with young kids and needed a support system. My family’s lives have been radically changed because of ĒMA—and not just because of the help with the physical needs but also the mentally safe space to process and share what we’re going through. I know you guys have our backs. My kids even love ĒMA. You have made us feel seen and known.

— Yasmin, ĒMA Mom
“The encouragement they’ve given me has helped me become the woman I am today.”

When I first came to ĒMA, I was broken and stressed and unsure how this place was going to change my life. But the moment I walked in the door, the hospitality blew me away. I was offered food, a drink, and a safe place. Ema gave me the tools I needed to get my kids back. The encouragement they’ve given me has helped me become the woman I am today.

— Taheerah, ĒMA Mom
“The impact of the Ema program has been immeasurable.”

The partnership has significantly improved how we care for pregnant females who are incarcerated. It was an honor to be the first jail system to partner with ĒMA. A collaboration that would inevitably improve our overall approach to care for a very vulnerable population.

— Colonel Benjamin, Broward County Sheriff’s Office

Give Today

Your dedication to this work has propelled us to reach more mothers in crisis across the nation than ever before. Thank you for your commitment to this mission and belief that a vulnerable mom is not the problem, she is the unexpected solution.