Become an ĒMA Advocate in Your City

Advocates ensure no mother in crisis ever journey’s alone.

What is an ĒMA Advocate?

Advocates are trained volunteers with a passion to see families preserved through mother advocacy. The ĒMA Advocate builds a meaningful connection with one mom, works together towards her goals, is a voice box for her progress and needs in the community, and helps her stay connected to support. When a mom has an Advocate, she receives holistic care that solely stems from a place of relationship.

Advocates are paired with a mother from the very beginning of her journey through the program. They are trained and equipped to provide the social, emotional and tangible support vulnerable moms need to move from crisis to stability.

Who Does an Advocate Serve?

Moms experiencing poverty, at-risk of family separation, or with children in foster care and working towards reunification.

  • Experiencing Poverty
  • Have Children In Foster Care
  • At-Risk of Family Separation
What is the Commitment?

ĒMA Advocates are paired to one mom in the ĒMA Program. The time commitment varies, but typically an Advocate will invest 2 hours per week over the course of 10 advocacy sessions. All sessions can be done virtually or in-person. In that time, they work closely with a local ĒMA Program Coordinator to ensure mom is receiving needed services.

What does a typical Advocacy Session entail?

Each week, Advocates schedule a time with their assigned mom to meet virtually or in person. During that hour, an Advocate will check in on her action plan and discuss any current needs. The Advocate then uses an evidence-based curriculum and works through a structured lesson provided by ĒMA. The goal of the advocacy sessions are to build relationship, provide education, and support her in achieving her goals on her action plan.

The Role Of An Ēma Advocate

We believe in a world where every mother in crisis has an advocate.

ĒMA is a court approved, prevention program designed to advocate for moms in crisis to preserve their families. We pair moms at-risk of losing their children into foster care with an ĒMA Advocate who builds meaningful relationship and provides holistic support, ensuring every mother has an opportunity to thrive. Our outcome-based model empowers families to achieve stability and stay together.

How do i become an advocate?

  • Submit an interest form
  • Schedule Your Interview
  • Complete the Application
  • Attend an ĒMA Advocate Training
  • Get Paired with a Mom!